Velvia 50

Here are a few pictures I shot with Velvia 50.  These are for a project, but I also was using this roll of film as a test for Velvia’s reciprocity.  My metering techniques worked out, and I’m happy.

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Developing kodak gold color negative film in rodinal

I did it. One hour. 1:100 dilution. The best part about these images is that they are from last year. The film has been sitting around and I was mad at it because I can’t do c41 myself and the lab here isn’t worth it because they usually fuck up negatives. Th ats why I […]


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Film Abuse

A few months ago I shot this roll, and for whatever reason I left the developed film just sitting around.  Today I scanned it.  If I can remember correctly I pushed this roll of Arista Premium to 3200 and developed in xtol.  It’s all dusty now.       I guess I tried a double […]

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